Medals and Trophies
Handmade in Great Britain
From only £1.70 each

Your Event, Your Design, Your Medal, Your Way!

Simply send us your medal design or requirements and we will then create the master pattern and mould. Our pricing includes the cost of the medal master and mould to make things nice and simple!

Next we will send you a sample for approval and once we have heard back from you we’ll proceed to make the complete run of medals or trophies. Delivery time from initial contact is usually only 4 weeks.

Our experts

Our skilled craftsmen and women will create the medals, or trophies, to your specific design using techniques they have learnt over many years.  They will cast, fettle, polish and pack each item to the highest standard to ensure your handmade design will last for years to come.

About us

We take pride in creating high quality medals and trophies for people that care about keeping manufacturing in the UK.

Our mission

To make you high quality medals and trophies that are going to give the recipient a lifetime of treasured memories!

Our offer

  • Solid pewter, bronze or silver medals
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Lifetime guarantee